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Digit Alb Package

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Digit Alb Package

DigitAlb is an Albanian digital satellite and terrestrial TV platform based in Tirana, Albania. The TV platform began terrestrial broadcasts in July 2004, and satellite broadcasts by the end of that year. At the same time, DigitAlb began broadcasting some channels of defunct AlbaniaSat's satellite platform SAT + which eventually went bankrupt. DigitAlb closely collaborates with sports package SuperSport while having introduced wireless DVB-H technology for wireless TV for the first time in Albania since 2006. The company forms part of Top Media Group together with Top Channel, Top Albania Radio, Top Gold Radio, newspaper Shqip, Shqip Magazine, Top News, VGA Studio, My Music Radio, and musicAL. In Europe, DigitAlb will broadcast until 2020 on Eutelsat.[1] In January 2012, DigitAlb became available for the first time in North America through IPTV service ShqipTV.

Domestic popularity

DigitAlb has been running since 2004 it already has amassed more than 100,000 terrestrial and 300,0000 satellite subscribers in Albania alone not counting subcribers via cable companies IPKO in Kosovo and ABCom in Albania. A variety of channels, content and price have domestically made DigitAlb the most popular platform in Albania. The thematic channels edited and owned by Digit-Alb are the most preferred among the audience. Having 6 movie channels + 2 HD movie channels, 3 documentaries channels, 3 children channels, 9 sport channels (4 of them in HD), news channels, music channels, adult channels and many other Albanian National Channels and International channels (Fox Channels group, Discovery channels group, Viacom channels, Eurosport channels, Disney Channel, Travel Channel etj, the Digit-Alb platform offers a very interesting bouquet to the customers, with many possibilities of subscribing with flexible offers. Broadcasting 15 HD channels Digit-Alb is one of the avant-garde platforms in the region.

Foreign popularity

Due to the massive emigration of Albanians during early 1990s, Kosovan emigration during the 1998-1999 and also older Albanian diaspora in Europe, Digit-Alb was seen as a very good possibility to keep cultural connection to the motherland from almost all the Albanians. With almost 3.5 million Albanians (excluding Albania and Kosovo) living in Europe, the popularity of the Digit-Alb platform was very high since the beginning of the broadcast, and it is considered as the Platform of all the Albanians.

Technical information

DigitAlb broadcasts in standard definition and high definition DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-H compliant MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, in Europe through 16.0°E - Eutelsat 16A ex.(W3C) satellite on these frequencies :10762/H/27500, 10803/H/27500, 10845/H/27500, 10886/H/30000 (HD) and 10927/H/30000 (HD).The service is encrypted with Conax conditional access.