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Cyfrowy Polsat Package

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Cyfrowy Polsat Package

Polsat is Poland's second biggest television channel, founded on December 5, 1992 and owned by Zygmunt Solorz-Żak.

Polsat belongs to the Polsat Group (WSE: CPS), which also owns other channels:

  •     Polsat HD
  •     Polsat 2 International
  •     Polsat News
  •     TV Biznes
  •     Polsat Sport
  •     Polsat Sport HD
  •     Polsat Sport Extra
  •     Polsat Sport Extra HD
  •     Polsat Sport News
  •     Polsat Film
  •     Polsat Film HD
  •     Polsat Cafe
  •     Polsat Play
  •     Polsat JimJam
  •     Polsat Crime & Investigation Network
  •     Polsat Food

and is financially linked to the channels:

  •     TV4
  •     TV6
  •     Superstacja
  •     ATM Rozrywka
  •     and the radio station Radio PIN

Polsat maintained for many years the high audience share results. It is in the TOP 4 most watched television channels in Poland and is a leader among the commercial audience.

Polsat HD

The HD version of Polsat started in September 2009, and shares the same schedule with Polsat.


Among its shows are a variety of Polish and American dramas & news.


  •     Must Be the Music. Tylko muzyka (Must Be the Music. Only music) - the Polish version of British television musical talent competition (since spring 2011, 5 seasons)
  •     Got to Dance. Tylko taniec - the Polish version of British dance competition show (since spring 2012, 3 seasons)
  •     Studio Weekend - lifestyle magazine (since autumn 2012)

Information/Talk show/Reporters

  •     Wydarzenia (Events) - news (since 2004)
  •     Interwencja (Intervention) - reporters magazine (since 2003)
  •     Państwo w państwie (State within a state) - also in Polsat News (since 2011)

Polish series

  •     Pierwsza miłość (First love) - TV soap; which has been redubbed as Soupy Norman in Ireland (since autumn 2004, 9 seasons)
  •     Przyjaciółki (Girlfriends) - drama series (start in autumn 2012, 2 seasons)
  •     Świat według Kiepskich (The World According to the Kiepskis) - sitcom (since spring 1999, 21 seasons)
  •     Malanowski i partnerzy (Malanowski & partners) - docudrama series (since spring 2009, 9 seasons)
  •     Dlaczego ja? (Why me?) - docudrama series (since spring 2010, 7 seasons)
  •     Trudne sprawy (Difficult issues) - docudrama series (since spring 2011, 5 seasons)
  •     Pamiętniki z wakacji (Holiday diaries) - the Polish version of German docudrama series X-Diaries - love, sun & fun (since autumn 2011, 3 seasons)
  •     Na krawędzi (On the edge) - crime series (start in spring 2013)

Foreign series

  •     Desperate Housewives, in Polish "Gotowe na wszystko" - literally "Ready for Everything" (5 seasons)
  •     ER, in Polish "Ostry Dyżur" (15 seasons)
  •     Grey's Anatomy, in Polish "Chirurdzy" - literally "The Surgeons" (5 seasons)
  •     Charmed, in Polish "Czarodziejki" - literally "Witches" (7 seasons)
  •     90210 (2 seasons)
  •     Malcolm in the Middle, in Polish "Zwariowany świat Malcolma" - literally "Malcolm's Crazy World" (7 seasons)
  •     Merlin, in Polish "Przygody Merlina" - literally "Adventures of Merlin" (3 seasons)
  •     Yes, Dear, in Polish "Tak, kochanie" (3 seasons)
  •     Married... with Children, in Polish "Świat według Bundych" - literally "The World According to the Bundys"
  •     Mr. Bean, in Polish "Jaś Fasola" - literally "Johnny Bean"
  •     CSI: Miami, in Polish "CSI:Kryminalne zagadki Miami" - literally "CSI:Criminal Mysteries of Miami" (9 seasons)
  •     CSI: NY, in Polish "CSI:Kryminalne zagadki Nowego Jorku" - literally "CSI:Criminal Mysteries of New York" (7 seasons)
  •     Bones, in Polish "Kości" (7 seasons)
  •     Breaking Bad (1 season)
  •     The Listener (2 seasons)
  •     Prison Break, in Polish "Skazany na Śmierć" - literally "Sentenced to Death" (4 seasons)
  •     Numb3rs, in Polish "Wzór" - literally "Formula" (5 seasons)
  •     Damages, in Polish "Układy" (3 seasons)
  •     The Beast[disambiguation needed], in Polish "Bestia"
  •     Boston Legal, in Polish "Orły z Bostonu" - literally "Eagles of Boston" (1 season)
  •     Women's Murder Club, in Polish "Kobiecy Klub Zbrodni"

Cyfrowy Polsat

The Polsat group operates Cyfrowy Polsat one of the main providers of digital multichannel television in Poland. It is the fourth largest digital platform in Europe and the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. The service is distributed over the Hotbird satellite and includes a mix of free to air and encrypted channels requiring a subscription for 200 złoty.